Several years ago I registered the domain, the german counterpart to altruism. The intial point was a discussion with my girlfriend about altruism and helper syndrome. It was a nerve-wracking discussion which ended in tears because she tried to understand the topic, was not sure whether she was right and had to do a test next day. Unfortunately this happend on my birthday. The whole day was screwed-up.


just updated the wp installation, template and plugins. so the website is state of the art now – at least i think so 😉

new design

just another design update. switched to a new template. and found a nice picture at canstockphoto. nice angel as an allegory for humanity.

fight for humanity

all over the world we’ll find people that need our help. there is no place on earth like haven. institutions like libereco fight for human rights. break. article will be continued. website is under maintenance.

Hello world!

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